Joy Statue

Joy Statue, Sydney, Loui Fraser, public art, prostitute statue

Public Art : Joy Statue

Sculptor: © Loui Fraser

Description: A concrete and steel sculpture of a prostitute with her arms folded, leaning up against a red frame. The original sculpture featured Joy with a cigarette in her hand but it was vandalised.

Date Unveiled: Originaly unveiled in 1995, Joy was later moved and installed at Macquarie University in 1997.

Location: Joy was originally erected on the corner of Stanley and Yurong Streets, East Sydney, in 1995 but residents who hated to be reminded of their area's colorful past petitioned for its removal.

Today Joy can be found leaning outdoors at the western end of Macquarie University in the internal garden courtyard of building W6B, North Ryde, Sydney, Australia


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