July Column

July Column, France, public art

Public Art : July Column

Also Known As: Colonne de Juillet

Architect: © Jean-Antoine Alavoine

Sculptors: © Antoine-Louis Barye (24th September, 1796 – 25th June, 1875) , Augustin-Alexandre Dumont (28th January, 1801 - 1884)

Colonne de Juillet, Paris, public artDescription: This 154ft tall Corinthian column is a monument to the French Revolution and to commemorate the Trois Glorieuses, the "three glorious" days in July 1830, that saw the fall of Charles X of France. The column is composed of twenty-one cast bronze drums, weighing over 163,000 pounds (74,000 kg) which stand on a white marble base. The base is decorated with bronze bas-reliefs of which the lion and cockerels are by Antoine-Louis Barye. Engraved in gold are the names of the Parisians who died during the revolution.

Commissioned by : Louis-Philippe

Date Unveiled: The first stone was laid on the 28th July, 1831 and was inaugurated 9 years later on the 28th July, 1840. Hector Berlioz composed  Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale specifically for the inauguration and Jean-Pierre Montagny, a well known French Medallist, issued commemorative medals for the occasion.

Location: The July Column stands in the center of the Place de la Bastille, in Paris, France.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Public Domain Photos for kindly allowing permission for the use of the photograph.

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