Juxtaposition 1

Juxtaposition 1

Public Art : Juxtaposition 1

Sculptor: © Robert J Morris

Date : Juxtapostion 1 was installed in February,1990.

Description : Juxtaposition 1 is a cement and painted steel abstract sculpture.

Location: Juxtaposition can be found between Turbot street and Wickham Terrace in King Edward Park.

History of Juxtaposition 1 : South Australian artist Robert J Morris was commissioned by the Brisbane City Council to create a permanent artwork.

Inscription :

Juxtaposition 1
Artist: Robert J Morris
Commissioned by the Brisbane Council
With the assistance of the Visual Arts?Crafts Board of the Australia Council.
Installed February 1990.

Juxtaposition 1 by Robert j Morris Juxtaposition 1 by Robert Morris


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