Kate and Sam Sculpture

Kate and Sam sculpture, Midland, Western Australia

Public Art : Kate and Sam Sculpture

Sculptor : © Kath Wheatley

Date : 2002

Description : The two electroplated  steel sculptures symbolise the children of the Midland railway workshop workers. The two friends are playing carefree in a park (pretending to fly).

Location : Yelverton Drive, Midland, Western Australia

History : The Midland Redevelopment Authority (MRA) was appointed custodians of the Midland Railway Workshops by the State Government in 1999 and it was the role of the authority to fund and support major permanent public art works in the area. In early 2000, Kath Wheatley was commissioned to create  a series of quirky long-legged sculptures which paid tribute to the strong connection between the workers, family and friends of the Midland Railway Workshop.



Verge Sculptures 02
Kate and Sam
pretending to fly
representing the children
of the workers.

Artist- Kath Wheatley
Commissioned by
Midland Redevelopment

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