Kosciuszko Statue

Kosciuszko Statue, Boston, public art

Public Art : Kosciuszko Statue

Sculptor : © Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson

Description : The bronze statue of Kocuiszko, an American military hero, was commissioned to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his enlisting in the Continental Army, which would explain why he is depicted in uniform,holding a tricorner hat in one hand and a volume of papers from West Point in the other.

Date Unveiled : 1927

Funded by : The statue of Kosciuszko was funded by Polish organizations in the Boston area.

Location : Boylston St. Mall, Boston, Massachusetts.

Who was Kosciuszko? : Tadeusz Andrzej Bonawentura Kosciusko was born in Poland in 1746. At the age of thirty he entered the army of the United States and so distinguished himself , particularly in New York and Yorktown, that General Washington promoted him to the rank of Colonel and made him his Adjutant.

In addition to being a splendid soldier , his personality was such that he became one of the most popular officers in the American Army.

In 1783 he received the official thanks of Congress , the rank of Brigadier General, a substantial pension, a gift of 500 acres of public lands in Ohio, and the privilege of American citizenship.

After the American War of Independence he returned to Poland, his native country, where he was a leader in the conflict which ended with defeat of the Polish Army. Seriously injured, he was made a prisoner on the field of battle.

He made a second visit to America in December of 1796, remaining until May 1798.

Shortly before his death, on April 2, 1817, he emancipated the serfs on his Polish estate.

He was buried in the Catherdral at Cracow, Poland.

A Great patriot and essentially a democrat of the school of Jefferson and Lafayette, his contribution to the foundation of the USA is one in which all Americans can well take pride.

( About Kosciuszko taken from Forbes, Allan and Eastman, Ralph.M.  Some Statues of Boston, Issued by the State Street Trust Company, Boston, Massachusetts, 1946.)

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