Kwagulth Totem Pole

Kwagulth Totem Pole, Rotorua, public art

Public Art :  Kwagulth Totem Pole

Carver : © Tony Hunt

Description : The 22ft painted red cedar totem pole depicts a bear clutching a salmon with an eagle perched atop his head.

Location : The totem pole can be found near a flower bed next to the Te Arawa Memorial in Government Gardens, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Date Unveiled : unknown

Sign Inscription :

Totem Pole

This totem pole was gifted to New Zealand by the government of Canada. It was carved by Tony Hunt of the Kwagulth First Nations people of Fort Rupert and Kingcome Inlet, British Columbia, who is considered to be one of the finest living First Nations artists of the Pacific Northwest. The bear which is clutching a salmon, and the eagle on top of it, represent the two clan divisions among the Kwagulth people.

Kwagulth Totem Pole, public art, Rotorua


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