La Femme Aux Pommes

La feme Aux Pommes, Jean Terzieff, public art, Paris

Public Art: La Femme Aux Pommes

Also Known As : The Woman With Apples

Sculptor: © Jean Terzieff (30th January,1894 - 22nd January, 1978)

Description: The bronze statue depicts a naked woman holding an apple in her right hand. Arguably Terzieff was inspired by the statue of Venus given the classic pose.

Date Unveiled: 1937

Location: The Woman With Apples statue can be found on the grounds of the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, France.

Inscription: Translated from French to English

"The Woman With Apples"

Jean Terzieff created this sculpture for the International Exhibition of 1937 under the haunting prospect of a world war.

With a sensual grace, she tries to keep out the discord between people.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Public Domain Photos for kindly allowing permission for the use of the photograph.


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