Lahore Queen Victoria Statue

Queen Victoria statue, Lahore, Pakistan, public art

Public Art : Queen Victoria statue

Also Known As : Victoria Gloriana - Empress of India

Sculptor: © Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal  (Bertram MacKennal) 12th June 1863 – 10th October 1931

Description: A bronze statue of a seated Queen Victoria wearing her Honiton lace apron. In her left hand she holds an orb and in her right a sceptre.

Date Unveiled: Cast in 1900 and unveiled in 1902

Location: The Queen Victoria statue was originally erected under the marble Pavillion at Charing Cross, now officially Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, looking down Queens Road. She was removed from the pavillion in 1951  and replaced by a bronze replica of the Quran on the eve of the Islamic Summit Conference in 1974. Queen Victoria can now be found on display at Lahore museum , Pakistan.

Statue of Queen Victoria, public art, Charing Cross, Lahore

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