Legacy Remembers Memorial

Legacy Remembers Memorial, public art, The Rocks, Sydney

Public Art : Legacy Remembers Memorial

Also Known As: Legacy Horse Trough, Legacy Remembers Drinking Fountain, Legacy Drinking Fountain

Description: The Legacy Remembers Memorial includes a wall and small stone horse trough with grill to collect donations.  The water fountain is operational.

Date Unveiled:

Location: The Legacy memorial horse trough is located on Argyle Street, The Rocks, Sydney, Australia.


Captain Stanley Savige formed Legacy in 1923, as an offshoot of the Remembrance Club founded by Major General Sir John Gellibrand to help former servicemen struggling to re-establish themselves after World War I.

The Legacy Club changed its role in 1925 after entertaining a group of widows with their children. A uniquely Australian organisation , Legacy's charter is to care and support the fatherless families of comrades who had served this country in a war area and subsequently died of any cause.

The members of legacy, Legatees, give their time to look after families alotted to them. They also serve on committees helping out with education, welfare, pensions, medical, dental and legal aid. Expenses are met by public donations.

The Horse Trough, donated by the family of the late E.J.N. Tomkins, was carved c1800 for use on their former property "Prestonville", Richmond, N.S.W.

The memorial was generously sponsored by the Legacy Club of Sydney. Legacy is a true expression of the Australian spirit of comradeship.


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