Longford Australia Day Honour Roll

Longford Australia Day Honour Roll, public art, rotary

Public Art: Longford Australia Day Honour Roll

Designed By: Unknown

Description: The Longford Australia Day Honour Roll monument features four granite rocks listing the names of the Young Citizen of the Year, The Event of the Year and the Citizen of the Year recipients since 1994.

Date Unveiled:

Funded By: The Honour Roll was funded by the Rotary Club of Longford INC. and Northern Midlands Council.

Location: The Honour Roll is located in Victoria Square, Longford, Tasmania.


Australia Day Honour Roll
A project of the
Rotary Club of Longford INC.
Northern Midlands Council
celebrate the centenary of
Rotary International 1905-2005



Citizen Of The Year

1994, Campbell Town, John Watson

1994, Evandale, Diane Sullivan

1994, Longford, Maxwell Walker

1995, Campbell Town, Maurice Ashton

1995, Cressy, Maurice Seadon

1995, Evandale, Stephanie Dean

1995, Longford, J George Robertson

1995, Ross, Allan Cameron AM

1996, Bruce Viney OAM

1997, Roy Preece

1998, Esma McGee

1999, Marie Barnes

2000, Margaret Dennis

2001, Helen Williams

2002, Bruce Goss

2003, Peter Goss

2004, Terrence Connell

2005, Joan Hudson

2006, Shirley Freeman

2007, Gordon William OAM

2008, Shirley Squires

SPECIAL AWARD, 2008, Jill Davis, Campbell Town

2009, Robert Pitt

2010, John Barnes Longford


Young Citizen Of The Year

1994, Campbell Town, Mandy Dudman

1994, Evandale, Karen Monson

1994, Longford, Benjamin Goold

1995, Evandale, Richard Sansom

1998, Liana Tuson

1999, Natasha Millwood

1999, Rachel Millwood

2000, Melissa Berresford

2001, Brett Groves

2002, Northern Midlands, Youth Task Force

2003, Holly Grima

2004, Rodney Brown

2005, Rebecca Little

2006, Russell Redmond

2007, Robyn McKinnon

2008, Amanda Hayles

2009, David Wilson


Events of The Year

1999 Woolmers Art Exhibition & Cocktail Party

2000 Perth Lions Club Carols by Candlelight

2001 Olympic Torch Relay

2002 Campbell Town Show

2003 Perth Skate Park Opening

2004 Campbell Town Health and Community Service

2005 Fusion Australia Back to Poatina

2006 Tasmania Trout Expo

2007 150th Longford Show

2009 Longford New Years Day Race Meeting

2010 Midlands Military Meet & Rendezvous


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