Lord Auckland Statue

Lord Auckland Statue, public art, Auckland

Public Art : Lord Auckland Statue

Sculptor : © Henry Weekes (1807 – 1877)

Description : A bronze statue of Lord Auckland dressed in his scholar's gown holding a scroll with both hands.

Date Unveiled : The Lord Auckland Statue was originally unveiled in India in 1848, however in 1969 it was given to the City of Auckland by the government of West Bengal.

Location : The Lord Auckland statue can be found outside the Auckland City Council building, Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand.

So who was Lord Auckland? : George Eden (25th August 1784 – 1st January 1849) was born in Kent, England, the second son of William Eden, 1st Baron Auckland. In 1810, when his elder brother drowned in the Thames, George found himself heir apparent to the barony. In 1936 Lord Auckland was appointed Governor-General of India.

When he gave William Hobson a commission to sail to the East Indies, he was later rewarded by Hobson by having a new town, Auckland, named after him.

Background Of the Lord Auckland Statue : When the much loved Earl departed India, the people of Calcutta collected a fund to have a statue erected in his honor in the Auckland Circus Garden (near Eden Gardens in Calcutta).

Inscription :

In 1840 Governor Hobson named this city after Lord Auckland from whom he had received command of H.M.S. Rattlesnake when Lord Auckland was First Lord of the Admiralty in 1834. Lord Auckland served as Governor-General of India from 1835 to 1842 and this statute of him stood in Calcutta from 1848 to 1969 when it was presented by the government of West Bengal to the City of Auckland. The transportation of the statue to Auckland and its erection on this site was arranged and financed by the New Zealand Company Ltd as a gift to its home city.

H. Weeks, Sculptor and Founder, 1848.

Lord Auckland statue, public art, New Zealand

Lord Auckland statue, public art, New Zealand

Lord Auckland statue, public art, New Zealand

 Lord Auckland statue, public art, New Zealand


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