Memorial of Rebirth

Memorial of Rebirth, Bucharest, public art, Alandru Ghildus

Public Art : Memorial of Rebirth

Also Known As:  "A potato skewered on a stake", an "olive on a toothpick", "the potato of the revolution" and "the vector with the crown".

Original Name: The memorial was originally named "Eternal Glory to the Heroes and the Romanian Revolution of December 1989" (Glorie Eterna Eroilor si Revolutiei Romane din Decembrie 1989).

Sculptor: © Alexandru Ghildus

Description: The Memorial of Rebirth is a 25-meter-high marble pillar (the Victory’s Pyramid) featuring a metal crown wrapped around it. The memorial commemorates those who fought and gave their lives during the Romanian Revolution of 1989, that saw the end of Communism in Romania. At the base of the pillar is a wall listing the names of 1058 martyrs who were killed in the revolution.

Date Unveiled: The Memorial of Rebirth was inaugurated in August, 2005.

Cost : €1.5 million

Location : The Rebirth memorial is located in Revolution Square, where Romania's Communist-era dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, was publicly overthrown in December 1989.

Controversy : The memorial is so disliked by the majority of the population that during a recent election for Bucharest Mayor, several candidates running used this to their advantage by declaring if they were elected they would have the monstrosity moved or demolish.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Simon Akkerman and Doreena Nita for kindly providing the photos.

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