George Bills Watering Trough

Merredins Horse Watering Trough, public art, Western Australia

Public Art: Merredin's Horse Watering Trough

Also known as: George Bill's Watering Trough

Built by: The Merredin trough looks decidedly different to those made by the Rocla company in the Eastern States and was most likely locally made.

Description: The original the watering troughs donated by George Bill were individually designed and constructed but by the 1930's the troughs were made by J.B. Phillips (a reli of Bill's) and the the Rocla company from pre-cast concrete with a curved pediment that included the inscription "Donated by Annis & George Bills Australia".

Date: Sometime between 1930- 1939

Cost: ₤13 plus transport and installation

Location: The horse trough can be found on Barrack Street in the Memorial to Pioneer gardens, Merredin, Western Australia.

Inscriptions : There are two plaques under the dog and horse trough and they read ...


This plaque is a replica of the original placed on Merredin's horse and dog trough. These troughs were erected world wide with money from the estate of Sydney businessman


B 1859 - D 1927


Erected by the will of late

George Bills

Through the W.A.R.S.P.C.A.

Bill's Watering Troughs: In 1927 animal lovers, Annis and George Bills, funded the building of up to 500 watering troughs in Australia, Ireland, England and the United States. These troughs were financed by a trust fund established through the will of Mr Bills. It is believed the trust was left between £70,000 - 80,000 to "..construct and erect and pay for horse troughs wherever they may be of the opinion that such horse troughs are desirable for the relief of horses and other dumb animals either in Australasia, in the British Islands or in any other part of the world subject to the consent of the proper authorities being obtained." .

List of Bill's Watering Troughs :

Granville Soldiers Memorial Park, Granville, NSW
North West Rocks Park, Carlingford NSW
corner of Oxford and Green Streets, Paddington,NSW
Culcairn, NSW
North West Rocks Park, Carlingford, NSW
Auburn Road and Water Street, Auburn, NSW
Scone Museum, Scone,  NSW

Toner's Lane,  Morwell, Victoria
Newtown, Victoria
St Arnaud, Victoria
Schwerkolts Cottage, Mitcham,Victoria
Rural Life Museum in Robinvale, Victoria
Light Horse Memorial Park, Seymour, Victoria

Hines Hill, Western Australia
Merredin, Pioneer Gardens, Western Australia
Northcliffe Pioneer Museum, NorthCliffe, Western Australia

Englefield Green, Northern Surrey, England (1931)
Tunbridge Wells, England


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