Mihail Kogalniceanu statue

Mihail Kogalniceanu statue, public art, Bucharest

Public Art : Mihail Kogalniceanu statue

Sculptor: © Oscar Han (3rd December, 1891 - 14th February 1976 )


Date Unveiled: 1936

Commissioned By: Mihail Kogalniceanu Cultural Foundation

Location: The statue of Mihail Kogalniceanu can be found perched on a pedestal in Kogalniceanu Square, Bucharest, Romania.

Trivia :  In 1945, the Communists accused Oscar Han of being a Legionnaire and under the Law of Purification was suspended as a professor of the Arts school in Bucharest for a year.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Simon Akkerman and Doreena Nita for kindly providing the photos.

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