Miners Monument

Miners Monument, Boulder, Western Australia

Public Art : Miners Monument

Sculptor : © Clement. P. Somers

Date Unveiled : 25th of August, 1984, by the late Kevin Parry (Chairman of the Miner`s Monument Committee)

Description : The bronze statue depicts a miner using an air leg drill, similar to what would have been used inside the mines. The rough finish on the statue emphasises the often tough and dirty work of a miner. The statue is perched on a large rock, or should we say, boulder ?

Location : Corner of Burt and Lane Streets, Boulder, western Australia.

History of the Miners Monument : The statue was erected as a tribute to all the miners, past, present and future who have contributed to the success of the "Golden Mile" in the State of Western Australia and Kalgoorlie - Boulder. The model for the sculpture was Merve Western.

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