Miss Freedom Statue

Miss Freedom Statue, Atlanta State Capitol building, Atlanta, Georgia

Public Art : Miss Freedom Statue (aka Goddess of Liberty)

Sculptor : Unknown

Date : c.1889

Description : A white painted hollow framed copper statue of a woman holding a torch in her right hand and a sword in the other. She is wearing a liberty cap, a style of cap that dates to 750BC and was given to liberated slaves to wear as proof of their freedom. The statue stands 22 ft from head to toe and 26ft if you measure from the top of the torch to the tip of her toe. She weighs 1,600 pounds. in 1959 a light was placed in the torch and every evening the torch is lit. Evidently there is now a five inch tube inside her arm attached to a trolley to make the changing of the light bulb relatively easy. I wonder which poor soul has that task?

Location : On top of the golden dome of Georgia's State Capitol building, Atlanta, Georgia.

Mystery of the Miss Freedom Statue : You would have thought someone would know something about the women perched way up high on the dome of Atlanta's State Capitol building. But alas, it is a complete mystery. Originally known as the Goddess of Liberty the statue is now referred as the Miss Freedom statue. The only thing known for sure was that she was placed on the dome during the construction of the Capitol building in 1888.

Trivia : In 2004 the statue was removed via helicopter from the dome and sent to Canada for a bit of a makeover.


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