Moon-dae Ring Sculpture

Moon-dae Ring, Mundaring, Western Australia

Public Art : Moon-dae Ring sculpture

Sculptor : © Ron Sims

Description : The Moon-dae Ring is an interactive and acoustic sculpture carved from Karri, jarrah and Wandoo timbers. You press the various acrylic panels which are inlaid into the wood and suddenly you are surrounded with the sounds of the bush (supposedly reflecting those found in Mundaring). You can even mix and match the sounds by pressing several panels at the same time. The sculpture actually comes in two parts. The second part takes the form of a stylized boat and is where the sounds project from. The words 'La Vérité' (the truth) and Le Rêve (the dream) are carved into the curved pieces.

Date Unveiled : The Moondae Ring sculpture was unveiled on the 18th of February, 1992.

Location : Mundaring Community Sculpture Park, Mundaring, Western Australia

Trivia : The wood for the sculpture was provided by the local hardware store.


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