Columbus Monument New York City

 Columbus Monument, New York City, public art, Gaetano Russo

Public Art: Columbus Monument

Sculptor: © Gaetano Russo

Description: The Colombus Monument was erected in honour of Italian explorer Christopher Colombus (1451-1506) as part of New York's 1892 commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus' landing in the Americas. The monument features a 70-foot (21 m) granite rostral column decorated with bronze reliefs and atop this, a marble statue of Colombus. Around the base is a 1.8m carrera marble statue of an angel viewing a globe (and is referred to as "Genius of Geography", "Genius of Columbus," or "Genius of Discovery"). The statue of Colombus depicts the explorer with a rather stern looking expression, staring straight ahead, with his right hand on a ship's tiller and his left hand on hip. The bronze reliefs included Christopher Colombus taking his first steps on American soil, Columbus’s ships anchored in the Caribbean as he takes a longboat to shore, and an eagle holding the shields of Genoa and the U.S.. Colombus' ships the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria all feature.

Date Unveiled: Dedicated in 1892.

Funded By: Subscriptions raised through Il Progresso, a New York City-based Italian-language newspaper

Location: The New York City's Colombus Monument can be found at Colombus Circle, at the intersection of Eighth Avenue, Broadway, Central Park South (West 59th Street), and Central Park West, at the southwest corner of Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.


Christopher Columbus
The Italians resident in America,
scoffed at before,
during the voyage, menaced,
after it, chained,
as generous as oppressed,
to the world, he gave a world.

Joy and glory
never uttered a more thrilling call
than that which resounded
from the conquered ocean
in sight of the first american island
land! land!

On the XII of October MDCCXCII
the fourth centenary
of the discovery of America
in imperishable remembrance.


In 1999 Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli offered his 600 tonne, 360 foot bronze Colombus monument as a gift from Russia to US. New York City was one of the lucky cities offered the sculpture but they kindly declined as it was not only "ugly" but it was twice the size of the Statue of Liberty and they had nowhere to erect it.  Or it may have been because Baltimore nicknamed it "From Russia with Ugh and Columbus, Ohio called it "Chris Kong", while another mocked "it would make a good artificial reef ” . It took 20 years, but in 2014  Tsereteli finally found a home for his artwork. Thank you Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The cost to just transport it to Puerto Rico was just under $3 million and to assemble its 2,750 pieces is estimated to be than $20 million dollars (£12.8m). With everything going to plan, the enormous Colombus should be unveiled in 2015 and will be the largest monument in the American hemisphere. Fingers crossed it attracts tourists.

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