Neptune Fountain

Neptunbrunnen, Neptune Fountain, Berlin, Germany

Public Art: Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain)

Sculptor: © Reinhold Begas

Date: 1886-1891

Description: The 10m high and 18m wide bronze Neo Baroque style fountain features the statue of Neptune being surrounded by four woman figures sitting on the edges of the fountain.  Each woman represents one of Germany's four greatest rivers that once ran through Prussian territory, the Rhine (featuring a fish net and wine leaves), the Vistula (featuring the Woods), the Elbe (featuring fruits and cobs) and the Oder (featuring goat skins). Neptune sits high up above it all in an enormous shell carried by tritons and surround by nymphs.

Location:  The fountain is located between the St Mary's Church and the Rotes Rathaus, Berlin, Germany.

Commissioned by: Berlin Town Council

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dr Andrew Taylor kindly providing the photographs.

History: The fountain was commissioned by the Berlin Town Council as a present for Wilhelm I. The fountain was originally located at the Schlossplatz but was removed in 1951, following the demolition of the former Berliner Stadtschloss (Berlin City Palace). It was fully restored before being relocated to its present location in 1969. It is believed that Begas was inspired by the Roman fountains of Bernini and by the Latony Fountain in Versailles.

Neptunbrunnen, Neptune Fountain, Berlin, Germany    Neptunbrunnen, Neptune Fountain, Berlin, Germany

Neptune Trivia: Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. He is often depicted with a long beard  holding a trident (spear with three points) which was the symbol of his power. His trident could shatter rocks and bring forth storms. He is said to have created the horse and his own horses would draw his chariot across the sea .His wife was Amphitrite and his sons Triton & Proteus. The Greek equivalent is Poseidon.

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