Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain, Quelez Palace, Portugal

Public Art : Neptune Fountain

Sculptor : © Ercole Ferrata (1610–1686)

Description : The 17th-century Baroque stone fountain features Neptune perched on a rock  surrounded by nymphs.

Date Unveiled: 1675

Location : The fountain can be found outside the Palacio Nacional, Queluz, Portugal.

Background : Originally the fountain was commissioned in Rome around 1675 by Luis de Meneses, Count of Ericeira and Portuguese Ambassador in Rome, for his garden at his Lisbon palace of Anunciada. From research it is believed the fountain was commissioned from Gian Lorenzo Bernini (the “vernino”) who delegated work over to Ercole Ferrata.

In 1755 an enormous earthquake registering between 8.5 and 9.0 destroyed much of  Lisbon however the fountain somehow survived and was moved to another location. Over the years it was moved several times until it was finally purchased by the state and placed in the gardens of Queluz in the first half of the 20th century.


Neptune Fountain, Queluz Palace, Portugal

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