Nexus sculpture, Northbridge, public art, Simon Gauntlett

Public Art : Nexus

Sculptor: © Simon Gauntlett

Dsecription: A stone and water sculpture marks Plateia Hellas (Plateia meaning town square and Hellas being the Ancient Greek name for Greece), an area between Aberdeen and Newcastle Streets that was designed to acknowledge and celebrate the Greek community in Northbridge. Nexus features 7 ribbed terrazo columns which are based in classical Greek architecture.

Date unveiled: 2002

Location: The Nexus is located on Lake street in Northbridge, Western Australia.

Greek Background in Northbridge: The first Greeks arrived in Western Australia in the late 1800s in search of work on the gold fields. Feeling isolated and alienated during the early 1900's, priests from the Eastern States would often venture to WA to fulfil their spiritual needs. By 1911 there were about 345 Greeks (323 males and 12 females) living in Western Australia.

During World War I anti Greek sentiment swept Australia. In 1916 the anti Greek riots in Kalgoorlie lead many to leave the mining town and returning to Perth and Fremantle.

By the 1930's Greek women were being brought out to Western Australia as the often nomadic lifestyle of the men seeking work had declined. The first Greek Church, the Greek Orthodox Church of Saints Constantine and Helene, was bulit in 1937 in  what is now known as Northbridge. It soon became an integral part of the Greek community and a well known landmark within Perth.

A large-scale program of migration to Australia began at the end of World War II when millions of people in Europe, including British, Greeks, Macedonians, Italians and Dutch were displaced from their homelands. This had a great impact culturally on areas such as Northbridge and Fremantle.

One of the great influential Greek people in Northbridge during the 1920's and onwards were the Kakulas Brothers. They bought the Teeny Thomas Ginger Beer Company in 1939 and later, following the Great Depression, began selling imported products from Greece including drums of olive oil and lentils to cater for the growing European population.

Trivia: Nexus means a link or connection between members of a group.


Nexus sculpture, Northbridge, public art, Simon Gauntlett

Nexus sculpture, Northbridge, public art, Simon Gauntlett

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