Olympic Torch Sculpture

Olympic Torch Sculpture, Manjimup 

Public Art : Olympic Torch Sculpture

Chainsaw Sculptor : © Professor David A Hay

Date : The Olympic Torch Sculpture was erected on the 3rd July, 2000. 

Location : Allambie Park on Giblett street, Manjimup, Western Australia.

Description: A chainsaw carving of two hands clutching the Olympic torch.

Olympic Torch Relay sculptureHistory Of The Sydney Olympic Torch Relay : The Olympic torch relay was introduced in 1936 by Carl Diem and has become part of the modern Olympics ever since. The ceremony begins with the lighting of the Olympic torch at  Olympia in Greece several months before the host country's opening celebrations. The torch then is carried by a who's who of well known athletes, celebrities and politicians around the host country before arriving at the central stadium where it is used to ignite the Olympic flame.

In 2000 the Olympic Torch Relay began with the lighting of the torch in Greece on the 10th of May. The relay around Australia began at Uluru and then travelled for 100 days and 27,000kms, ending in Sydney and into the safe hands of Cathy Freedman who lit the cauldron. It was the longest Olympic Torch Relay in Olympic history. Along it's journey, the torch passed through the town of Manjimup where an evening celebration was held in its honor. The sculpture was erected in the same year as a  reminder of that day.

Inscription :

Erected to celebrate

The Sydney 2000
Olympic Torch Relay
passage through the
Shire of Manjimup

3 July 2000

Shire President - Keith Liddelow

Chainsaw Sculptor - Professor David A Hay

Timber donated by CALM Forest Resources, Southern Forest



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