On the War Trail Sculpture

On the War Trail sculpture, public art, Denver, colorado

Public Art: On the War Trail Sculpture (AKA; On the War Path)

Sculptor: © Alexander Phimster Proctor (1860 - 1950)

Date: Dedicated in 1922

Description: Bronze sculpture of an American Indian riding bareback on a horse with a spear in his hand. The bronze is mounted on a Platte Canyon Colorado granite base.

Cast : Gorham Foundry

Location : Central Plaza, Civil Park, Denver, Colorado, United States.

History : Sculptor Alexander Phimster Proctor was commissioned to create two statues for the Denver Civic Center the Broncho Buster and the On The War Trail. Apparently Proctor used several indian models for the project they included Jackson Sundown, a Nez Perce Indian, followed by Gray Eagle, a Blackfoot Indian, and finally Eddie Big Beaver of Browning, Montana.


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