Oruawhata Carving

Oruawhata carving , public art, Rotorua

Public Art : Oruawhata Carving

Sculptor : © Rakei Kingi

Description : A wooden carving

Location : This is one of two carvings guarding the Malfroy Geysers (the other being the Tunohopu Carving)  in Government Gardens, Rororua, New Zealand . 

Date Unveiled : The Oruwhata carving was unveiled on the 30th August, 2007.

Background to Oruawhata:


A deep thermal chasm named Oruawhata was once featured here, stretching from Whangapipiro to the Malfroy Geysers.
Filled with boiling water and poisonous gases, it was a secure burial pit for remains of warriors, ensuring that they would never fall into enemy hands. Engineer Camille Malfroy harnessed the power to create the Malfroy Geysers. The pool, with its urupa (graveyard), was filled in many years ago. This site is still regarded by Ngiati Whakaue as one of great importance, evidenced in the Maori block name for the city of Rotorua, 'Pukeroa - Oruawhata'.

Rotorua District Council

Oruawhata carving, public art, Rotorua

Malfroy Geysers, Rotorua, New Zealand


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