Paddy Hannan statue

Paddy Hannan sculpture, Burswood, public art

Public Art : Paddy Hannan statue

Sculptors : © Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith

Description : Over sized bronze statue of Paddy Hannan

Date Unveiled : 1992

Location : Burswood Park, Burswood, Perth, Western Australia.

Inscription :

            PADDY HANNAN 1842 -1925

Paddy Hannan won fame for his discovery of the "Golden Mile" at Kalgoorlie, the riches square mile on Earth.
Born in Ireland, Paddy emigrated to Australia in 1863. He searched for gold in Ballarat , Bendigo, New Zealand and all Eastern Colonies, until grizzled and middle aged, he arrived in W.A. in 1889.
He made his great strike in 1893. People flooded into W.A. fired by Paddy's success.
It is to these men that the sculpture pays homage. Taking the likeness of Paddy Hannan, it captures their spirit as they walked the great distance to Kalgoorlie, pushing make-shift wheelbarrows that carried their equipment and
The sculptor captures a moment in time, in 1893, as he turns to look at the traffic on Great Eastern Highway, startled at the vision of the future. The analogy is one of parallel worlds: Time; past, present and future.
Paddy Hannan died in Brunswick, Victoria at the age of 83. He never became rich from his find, living out his days on a

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