Palm Sculpture

Palm Sculpture, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Public Art : Palm ( aka Magnolia )

Sculptor : © Bronwyn Oliver

Date : Unveiled June, 1999.

Description : Copper sculpture of a seed like form representing the palm and (some say) the magnolia. The sculpture symbolise the organic materials washed up on to Australian shores.

Location : Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia.

Inscription :

Bronwyn Oliver

Before European settlement this foreshore was a mud flat. Seeds and flotsam were washed up by the
waves. Ships arrived on the tide in 1788 and crops were planted nearby soon afterwards. This area has
been dedicated ever since to the introduction and propagation of plants reflecting the changing cultural
and horticultural needs of the day.
This sculpture is intended to symbolise an elemental form washed up by the tide, blown by the wind, eroded by water and laden with the potential for vigour and transformation. It began with the form of the palm above.

Installed June 1999


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