Parnas Fountain

 Parnas Fountain, Brno, Czech Republic

Public Art : Parnas Fountain

Architects: © Johnann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Adam Tobias Kracker

Sculptors : © Adam Tobias Kracker, A.Rigi, and an unknown Italian sculptor.

Description: The Baroque fountain depicts a three sided arch grotto/cave built from rocks. The three allegorical figures represent the old empires of Babylon, Persia and Greece whilst the top figure represents the victorious Roman Empire.

On the top of the fountain is an allegorical statue of Europe, symbolizing the Roman Empire. Europe holds a scepter in his right hand as he stand triumphantly over the slain dragon.

On the east side is a allegorical statue of Greece who is leaning against a quiver of arrows and has a crown lying by his left foot. Beneath this is a winged dragon.

On the west side is a seated allegorical figure of babylon with a crown on his right leg and a winged lion below him.

On the south side is the allegorical statue of Persia with a horn of plenty (cornucopia) and a crown by the left foot under which is a figure of a crawling bear.

There are two Latin inscriptions carved on either side of the arch.

At the base of the fountain three gargoyes spray water. Originally they were made from stone but have since been replaced by metal.

The mythical hero Heracles can be found in the lower part of the fountain in the grotto. He is holding a club in left hand and the chain attached to three headed dog Cerberus in the other.

Date : 1693-1695

Location: The Parnas Fountain (which was built on the site of a Renaissance fountain (? - 1597) by Johann Bernhard Fischer of Erlach) is located in the middle of the Vegetable Market, Brno, Czech Republic.

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Silvie Bee for kindly providing the photographs.

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