Penny and Pounder sculpture

Penny and Pounder sculpture, Greg James, public art

Public Art: Penny and Pounder sculpture

Sculptor: © Greg James

Description: The Penny and Pounder sculpture features two life size sculptures of a black swan and a red kangaroo. Both are constructed from discs of steel. The sculpture is a reflection of the Victoria Park Post Office's historical past and a link to their stamp series. The post Office was built between 1912-13 which was around the same time as the final printing of the Western Australian series of Black Swan stamps 1854-1912. The Black Swan was replaced with the Australian series of Kangaroo stamps 1913 – 1946.

Kangaroo stamp, PerthSwan stamp, Perth

Date Unveiled: 28th of June, 2012.

Location: You can't miss Penny and Pounder, they are right outside the Victoria Park Post Office, Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Western Australia.


Town of Victoria Park

Public Art

Artist: Greg James
Title: Penny and Pounder

Stamp emblems that date the construction of the Post Office

Opened : 28 June 2012

Artist's Statement : “The use of the iconic Swan and Kangaroo reflect the stamps that effectively date the building of the Post Office and carry through the historic theme. The Swan is in a walking stance, positioned near the kangaroo, as if it has become redundant and is perhaps heading back to the river.”

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