Pigeons of Melbourne

Pigeons of Melbourne sculpture, Omega Goodwin, Melbourne, Australia

Temporary Public Art: Pigeons of Melbourne (AKA Pink Pigeons)

Sculptor/Artist: © Omega Goodwin

Date: 2007

Description: Hot pink fibreglass pigeons.

Location: Everywhere in Melbourne CBD, just look up.

Funded By: City of Melbourne's Arts Grant Program

History: What the City of Melbourne needs during the on set of winter, is a flock of pink pigeons to cheer it up. Omega Goodwin, one of 12 recipients of a Young Artist Grant, spent his $3,600 on uplifting Melburnians during the winter months of 2007. Placed randomly throughout the City, this temporary public artwork, has been amusing locals and tourists alike. The project was sponsored / funded by the City of Melbourne's Arts Grant Program. Omega created 200 of these hot pink pigeons with various looks (between 5-6 variations). The birds were originally sculpted from clay, then painted with silicone before a three piece mould was made. The bright pink was chosen to contrast with the drab grey winter skies. Following the project Omega plans to flog the flock, you can find out more on the Pink Pigeons website.

Artist Summation:


People often forget that everything has a silver lining - that there is beauty in all that surrounds us.
The Portugese Man-O-War, Blue Ringed Octopus and Black Dragonfish are the most deadly marine creatures in the ocean, yet they're also the most beautiful.
Like the marine world, the most unappealing parts of the city are often overlooked and commonly disregarded as also the most beautiful. The city pigeons are the epitome of this debate.
Often remarked as 'rats with wings', their behaviour is often overlooked.
This installation aims to highlight their silver lining and remind us that there is beauty in all that surrounds us.
For full artist's statement and purchase enquires, visit www.pinkpigeons.net.

City of Melbourne,  Living the Arts, Brunetti, K.

Supported by the City of Melbourne
through the Arts Grants Program

 Pigeons of melbourne, Omega Goodwin, Melbourne, Australia 

   Can't shoe these pigeons away !

There Is One In Every Flock : Some people just can't help themselves!


Thought to Ponder : How many of these 200 pink pigeons have survived the streets of Melbourne without being stolen?


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