Pioneer Women's Memorial Fountain

Pioneer Women's Memorial Fountain, Kings Park, Western Australia

Public Art : Pioneer Women's Memorial Fountain

Sculptor & Architect : Sculptor Margaret Priest & architect Geoffrey Summerhayes

Date Pioneer Women's Memorial Fountain Unveiled : The fountain was official opened on the 14th of January 1968 by Lady Kendew (wife of the Governor of WA, Major Sir Douglas Kendew).

Location : Either look for wet people or simply go to the botanic Garden on Forrest Drive, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia.

Description : The pond itself consists of about 14 fountains that randomly spew torrents of water high into the air, scaring those unfamiliar with its untimely schedule and/or soaking them in its fury. Standing in the middle of this water spectacular is a bronze sculpture depicting a women holding a young child in her arms. The statue stands strong amidst the changing environment. I guess the randomness and ferocity of the water jets is symbolic of the struggles that the women of early settlement in Western Australia had to endure. Arriving from merry England to an environment which was unforgiving and full of surprises, would have been no joy. 

Inscription :

Pioneer Womens Memorial

This fountain plays to honour the pioneer women of Western Australia. The figure symbolises their courage, strength and tenderness. Mother and child move through the bushland of surging jets towards their destiny.The three great sprays.

Opened by Lady Kendrew 14th January 1968

         Sculptress Margaret Priest                       Architect Geoffrey E.Summerhayes


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