Prince Albert Statue

Prince Albert Statue, Queens Square, Sydney, Australia

Public Art : Prince Albert Statue (aka "Albert the Good")

Sculptor: © William Theed the Younger (1804-1891)

Date: Unveiled on the 23 of April 1866.

Description : A 3m high bronze statue of Prince Albert on a marble plinth. The statue depicts the Prince dressed in the robes of the Order of the Garter, holding a scroll in one hand and a sceptre in the other. The scroll shows the Crystal Palace in London, which the Prince had built for the Great Exhibition of 1851. On the half column, behind the scroll, is a portrait of Albert's beloved Queen Victoria as a young woman.


The people of NSW to Albert the Good, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria 1866.

Funded By : Public Subscription

Location : On the eastern side of Macquarie Street at Queen's Square facing the statue of his wife Queen Victoria, Sydney, Australia.

Background: Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's husband, they had married in 1840 and had 4 sons and 5 daughters. One of their sons, Edward (the VII) became King following Victoria's death and he has a statue, a little further on down the road on Macquarie St.

History: Thomas Theed was a favoured sculptor of Queen Victoria, so much so that he was appointed by Her Majesty to take the death mask of the prince in 1861 (charming). Folllowing Albert's death a statue was commissioned in Sydney (by public subscriptions) and was completed by Theed in London before being shipped to Australia. The statue was unveiled at 'Chancery Square' (now Queen's Square) on the 23rd of April 1866, to a very large crowd.

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Prince Albert Statue, Queens Square, Sydney, Australia  Prince Albert Statue, Queens Square, Sydney, Australia  Prince Albert Statue, Queens Square, Sydney, Australia

Useless Information : The statue is waxed every two or three years to help slow down its deteriation.


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