Public Art At The Rocks

The Rocks is located on the western side of Sydney Cove in Sydney, Australia. It is the foundation place of Sydney and one of Australia's most important historical sites. The public art at The Rocks reflects this historical significance. Click here to learn more about the history of The Rocks.

Public Art at The Rocks

Public Art at The Rocks, Captain Arthur Phillip bust, Sydney, Australia  Public Art At The Rocks, Captain William Bligh Statue, Sydney, Australia  Public Art at The Rocks, Lieutenant Colonel George Barney Monument, Sydney

Captain Arthur Phillips Bust  Captain William Bligh Statue   Colonel George Barney

Public Art at The Rocks, The Beacon Sculpture, Sydney  Public Art at the Rocks, Biggles Statue, Australia 

 The Beacon Sculpture               Biggles Statue            First Impressions Sculpture

Hans Christian Andersen bust, Observatory Hill, public art  Lucy Osburn plaque, The Rocks, Nurse's Walk, Sydney  

Hans Christian Andersen       Lucy Osburn

Legacy memorial, The Rocks, Sydney, Public Art

     Legacy Remembers Memorial

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