Public Art in Fremantle

Fremantle (or Freo to the locals) is located about 19 kms from Perth, Western Australia, at the mouth of the Swan River. The city was named after English Naval Officer, Charles Fremantle, who in 1829, set up camp on the shores of Fremantle and took possession of the western part of the continent on behalf of the British. Since then the town has grown into a city, become famous for its cafe strip, hosted the America's Cup and continues to serve the best fish and chips.

Statues, sculptures and such in Freo

Public Art in Fremantle, C.Y.O'Connor statue, Western Australia Public Art in Fremantle, Pietro Porcelli statue, Kings Square, Western Australia 

      C.Y. O'Connor Statue        Pietro Porcelli statue        Hughie Edwards statue

Public Art in Fremantle, John Curtin Statue, Western Australia Public Art in Fremantle, Horse and Rider Monument, Western Australia

         John Curtin Statue                          Horse and Rider Monument

Public Art in Fremantle, Mark of the Century statue, Fremantle, Western Australia Public Art in Fremantle, Tom Edwards Memorial Fountain, Western Australia 

Mark of the Century statue     Tom Edwards Memorial  Vasco de Gama memorial

  Bon Scott Statue, Fremantle, public art

Maitland Brown Memorial                                      Bon Scott Statue

Southern Crossings statue, Fremantle, Public Art Fishermen's Monument, Fremantle, Western Australia, public art Quokka Goes For An Eagle, Judith Forrest, public art, Fremantle

Southern Crossings Statue  Fishermen's Monument       Quokka Goes For An Eagle


        Venus and Friends sculpture               Leda and the Swan sculpture

At the Bottom of the Harbour, Judith Forrest, public art, Fremantle Woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, Judith Forrest, public art, Fremantle

    At The Bottom of the Harbour            A Woman Needs a Man Like A Fish.....

Free Ride sculpture, Judith Forrest, public art, Fremantle Safe for Sun and Sea sculpture, Judith Forrest, public art, Fremantle

           Free Ride sculpture                       Safe for Sun and Sea sculpture

Sunbaker sculpture, Fremantle, Greg James, public art Coast Guard Sculpture, Fremantle, public art, Greg James

  Sunbaker sculpture           Coast Guard sculpture

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