Public Art In London

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and is located on the River Thames. The Romans founded the city around AD43 and called it Londinium. London is the world's largest financial city alongside New York. It prides itself on the arts, commerce, fashion and entertainment. 
London is home to one of the most iconic pieces of public art, the Eros statue, also known as the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain.  Unfortunately the little cupid is not actually depicting Eros but his  twin brother Anteros.

Public Art In London

Queen Victoria Memorial, ouside Buckingham Palace  Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, Eros, London, public art  Robert Burns Statue, London, public art

Queen Victoria Memorial  Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain         Robert Burns Statue

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London, public art  Sphinx sculpture, London, public art Knife Edge – Two Piece, public art, Henry Moore, London

         Nelson's Column               Sphinx Sculpture     Knife Edge – Two Piece

Oliver Cromwell Statue, London, Public art Francis Duke of Bedford statue, London, public art Full Stop Courier sculpture, London, public art

  Oliver Cromwell Statue      Francis Duke of Bedford          Full Stop Courier

Trafalgar Fountain, London, public art Wellington Arch, Quadriga, England, public art Cleopatra's Needle, London, public art

Trafalgar Square Fountains         Wellington Arch Quadriga                  Cleopatra's Needle

Full Stop Klang sculpture, London, Public Art Monument to women of war, public art, London, war memorial

  Full Stop Klang sculpture                    Monument to Women of World War II

Still Water sculpture, Marble Arch, London, Public Art Lambeth Obelisk, England, public art Field Marshall Alanbrooke statue, public art, London

Still Water Sculpture           Lambeth Bridge Obelisk   Field Marshall Alanbrooke

Gratuitious Digital Thingy, public art, London

       Gratuitous Digital Thingy

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