Public Art in Sydney

Sydney is the Capital City of New South Wales and the largest city in Australia.The city has a unique blend of traditional, modern and controversial public art which can be found scattered throughout the CBD. One of the best ways to explore all of the 100 or so statues, monuments and sculptures is to take a guided walking tour. The Sydney Art Walks offers several different walking and night tours.

Public Art of Sydney

Ill Porcellino, Macquarie Street, Sydney, Australia  Public Art in Sydney, Governor Macquarie Statue, Macquarie Street, Sydney, Australia  Public Art in Sydney, Captain Arthur Phillips Fountain, Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia

  Il Porcellino  Macquarie Statue  Cpt Arthur Phillips Fountain

  Matthew Flinders Statue, Sydney, Australia  Sir Richard Burke Statue, Sydney, Australia  Shakespeare Memorial, Sydney, Australia

  Matthew Flinders Statue  Sir Richard Burke Statue  Shakespeare Memorial

  King Edward VII Statue, Sydney, Australia  Prince Albert Statue, Queen's Square, Sydney, Australia  Queen Victoria Monument, Queen's Square, Sydney, Australia

  King Edward VII Statue  Prince Albert Statue  Queen Victoria Monument 

  Thomas Sutcliffe Mort Statue, Maquarie Place, Sydney, Australia  Macquaries Obelisk, Maquarie Place, Sydney, Australia  Land Department Building Statues, Sydney, Australia

  Thomas Sutcliffe Mort  Macquarie's Obelisk  Lands Dept Building Statues

Queen Victoria Statue, George Street, Sydney, Australia Islay STatue, Sydney, Australia  Public Art of Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

  Queen Victoria Statue  Islay Statue  Public Art of Hyde Park

 Royal Botanic Gardens, Public Art, Sydney, Australia Public art of Sydney, Public Art at the Rocks, Australia Tank Stream Fountain, Herald Square, Sydney

  Royal Botanic Gardens  Public Art at The Rocks  Tank Stream Fountain

  Stone from Blarney Castle, Sydney, Australia

  Unknown    Blarney Castle Stone

John Dunmore Lang Statue, Sydney Sydney Cenotaph, Martin Place, Sydney 

John Dunmore Lang Statue  Sydney Cenotaph  Kephisodotos Copy

Public Art of Sydney, Trim the Cat statue, Mitchell Library, Australia Royal Australian Regiment Memorial, Sydney

  Trim the Cat statue  Royal Australian Regiment Memorial

Walking in Time sculpture, Sydney, public art To Sail To Stop sculpture, Sydney, public art Sydney Town Hall, fountain, public art

       Walking in Time          To Sail To Stop

Sudan Contingent plagues, public art, Sydney Sydney GPO, sculptures, public art

  Soudan Contingent Plaques  Sydney General Post Office

Amicus Certus, Sydney, Tom Bass, public art Ben Chifley sculpture, public art, Sydney Edge of the Trees sculpture, public art, Sydney

  Amicus Certus  Ben Chifley sculpture  Edge of the Trees

HMS Sirius Anchor, Sydney, HMS Sirius Gun, Sydney

  HMS Sirius Anchor HMS Sirius Gun

 Bonds of Friendship sculpture, public art, Sydney, John Edwards Robinson NSW Sericewomen Memorial, Sydney, Public Art

  Bonds of Friendship sculpture  NSW Servicewomen Memorial

Pioneer Woman sculpture, Sydney, public art First Fleet Flag Memorial, public art, Sydney First Church Sydney memorial, Sydney, public art

Pioneer Woman Sculpture  First Fleet Flag Memorial   Richard Johnson Obelisk

Jessie Street Memorial, Sydney, public art Commando Memorial, Sydney, public art, war memorial

  Jessie Street Memorial  Commando Memorial

Dobell Memorial sculpture, Sydney, public art, Herbert Flugelman Bird Totem sculpture, Sydney, public art Frazer Fountain, Sydney, public art

Dobell Memorial sculpture       Bird Totem Sculpture           Frazer Fountain

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