Public Art in Baltimore

There is a very good reason why Baltimore is called Monument City, there is public art everywhere. It even has three monuments dedicated to Christopher Colombus.

Public Art Baltimore

Edgar Allan Poe statue, Baltimore, public art Male/Female sculpture, Baltimore, public art, Jonathon Borofsky Frank Zappa bust, Baltimore, public art

 Edgar Allan Poe statue       Male/Female sculpture        Frank Zappa bust

Title Tanks, Baltimore, public art Easy Landing sculpture, public art, Kenneth Snelson

                  Title Tanks                                      Easy Landing sculpture

Samuel Smith statue, public art, Baltimore, Hans Schuler Armistead monument, public art, Fort McHenry, Edward Berge, Baltimore Cecilius Calvert statue, public art, Baltimore

Samuel Smith Monument  Armistead Monument  Cecilius Calvert statue

Baltimore Battle Monument, public art George Armistead Monument, public art, Baltimore Baltimores Washington Monument, Public Art

Baltimore Battle Monument      George Armistead Monument       Baltimore's Washington monument

Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. Memorial, Baltimore, Public Art Marquis de Lafayette Monument, Andrew O'ConnorJr, Baltimore, public art

Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. Memorial                     Marquis de Lafayette Monument

Mother Catherine McAuley statue, public art, Baltimore Pope John Paul II statue, Baltimore, public art James Cardinal Gibbons statue, public art, Baltimore

Mother Catherine McAuley statue    Pope John Paul II monument    James Cardinal Gibbons statue

Christopher Colombus statue, Baltimore, Public Art, Little Italy Francis Key statue, Baltimore, public art Babes Dream statue, Baltimore, public art

Baltimore's Colombus statue           Francis Scott Key Monument          Babe's Dream statue

 Family of Dolphins sculpture, Leonard Streckfus, public art, Baltimore Mercury and Commerce sculpture, Baltimore, John Evans, public art

          Family of Dolphins sculpture           Mercury and Commerce sculpture

 Brooks Robinson statue, public art, Baltimore,  Birth of Venus sculpture, public art, Baltimore, Jonathon Silverman Boy and The Turtle sculpture, Baltimore, public art

Brooks Robinson statue       Birth of Venus sculpture     Boy and the Turtle

 Under Sky/ One family sculpture, Baltimore, public art, Mark di Suvero Diamond II-III sculpture, Baltimore, public art, Antoni Milkowski Double Gamet sculpture, Baltimore, public art

Under Sky/One Family      Diamond II-III sculpture     Double Gamut sculpture

Seated Lion sculpture, public art, Antoine- Louis barye,   Order sculpture, Baltimore, public art

Seated Lion sculpture         Military Courage statue            Order sculpture

Force sculpture, baltimore, public art Peace sculpture, Baltimore, public art,  War sculpture, public art, Baltimore

      Force sculpture               Peace sculpture               War Sculpture

Red Buoyant sculpture, Baltimore, Mary Ann Mears, public art Yuai , Baltimore,

 Red Buoyant sculpture                 Yuai

Angel of Truth, baltimore, Henry Berge, public art Triaxial Link sculpture, William J Niebauer, public art , Baltimore

              Angel of Truth                                      Triaxial Link sculpture


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