Public Art in Berlin

Berlin, like many cities in Europe during World War II, was devastated by airstrikes and bombing. However, in rebuilding the city, a new generation of public art began to spring up to reflect the city's tragic past and also its growth into a modern metropolis.

Within the City of Berlin

Bismarck Memorial, Berlin, Germany    Quadriga of Victory, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

               Bismarck Memorial                   Quadriga of Victory

          St Gertrude Statue, Berlin, Germany

                                     Neptunbrunnen         St Gertrude Statue

Jewish Memorial Sculpture, Berlin, Germany   

Jewish Memorial Sculpture        Jewish Holocaust Memorial

Jewish Memorial Tablet, Berlin, Germany     Golden Else, Berlin, Germany    Public Art in Berlin, St George Fighting the Dragon Statue, Berlin, Germany

  Jewish Memorial Tablet         Golden Else           St George & the Dragon


            Soviet War Memorial


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