Public Art in Brno

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and is in the province of Moravia. It is located at the crossroads of ancient trade routes which joined North and South European civilizations. Public Art in Brno is both a mixture of old and modern but most have a quirky story to muse over.  

Public Art in Brno 

Spravedlnost sculpture, Brno, Czech Republic Holy Trinity Column, Antonin Schweigel, Brno, Czech Republic Brno Astronomical Clock, Oldrich Rujbr,Petr Kamenik , Brno, Czech Republic,

   Spravedlnost sculpture                  Plague Column                Brno Astronomical Clock

Parnas Fountain, Brno, Czech Republic  Four Edison Lightbulbs sculpture, Tomas Medek, Brno, Czech Republic,  

     Parnas Fountain       Four Edisons lightbulbs        Four Mamlases

Brno Soviet War memorial, Brno, Czech Republic Statue of John Henry, Brno, Czech Republic Statue of st Florian, Brno, Czech Republic

   Brno Soviet War memorial           Statue of Jan Jindrich          Statue of St Florian

Brno Dragon, brno, Czech republic Crooked Spire, Brno, Czech Republic Saints Cyril and Methodius statue, Brno, Czech Republic

             Brno Dragon                      Twisted Pinnacle           Saints Cyril and Methodius

Indecent Little Man, Anton Pilgram, Brno, Czech Republic Marshal Malinovsky bust, Brno Czech Republic

                  Indecent Little Man                                      Marshal Malinovsky bust

Red Crayfish Sculpture, Brno, Czech Republic 

    Red Crayfish sculpture

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