Public Art in Cottesloe

Cottesloe is a coastal suburb of Perth in Western Australia. In 1886 Governor Federick Napier Broome was given the pleasure of naming the newly subdivided area of Crown Land. He chose Cottesloe in honor of Thomas Francis Fremantle (Lord Cottesloe) the first Baron of Swanbourne. His brother, Captain Charles Howe Fremantle, was the first person to raise the British flag at Fremantle on the 2nd May, 1829. The Cottesloe Beach is considered one of the top family beaches in the world.

Public art in Cottesloe includes numerous plaques recognising Willem de Vlamingh's landing on the shores of Cottesloe. There is also an extensive collection of sculptures purchased by the Cottesloe Council from the annual Sculptures By The Sea exhibitions.

Public Art In Cottesloe

Centrefold sculpture, Cottesloe, Western Australia, public art Inspector Smith Memorial, Cottesloe, public art Vlamingh Memorial, Cottesloe, obelisk,

     Centrefold sculpture     Inspector J Smith Memorial     Vlamingh Memorial

Roundabout sculpture, Cottelsoe, public art Cottesloe Sundial, Western Australia, public art

             Roundabout sculpture                             Cottesloe Sundial

French Memorial, Cottesloe, Western Australia Vlamingh Landing plaque, Cottesloe, public art Vlamingh Expedition plaque, Cottesloe, Western Australia, public art

  French Memorial             Vlamingh Landing plaque    Vlamingh Expedition plaque

Vlamingh's Landing memorial, Cottesloe, public art Relationship: together series, Gombok, Cottesloe, public art Eric Street Shopping complex, public art

Vlamingh's Landing Memorial       Relationship: together series                    Unknown


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