Public Art in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the "Pearl of the Orient ", is a special administrative region of China. The name means fragrant harbour. Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War (1839–42), was occupied by Japan during World War II (1939-45), returned to Britain after the war and then handed back to China in 1997. Public Art in Hong Kong reflects a mixture of their colonial past and their present identity, from Queen Victoria to Bruce Lee. Hong Kong public art does not, however, go without controversy. Since the handover to China several Hong kong sculptures and statues have caused quite the angst. This mainly caused by the political and social issues arising from their "one country, two systems". 


Public Art In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cenotaph, public art, war memorial Sir Thomas jackson statue, Hong Kong, public art Bank of China, stone lions, public art, Hong Kong

  Hong Kong Cenotaph               Sir Thomas Jackson              Stone Lions

Swallows sculpture, Hong Kong, public art Please Sculpture, Hong Kong, public art Growth sculpture, Hong Kong, public Art

  Swallows sculpture             Please sculpture                 Growth sculpture

Queen Victoria statue, Hong Kong, public art,  Bruce Lee statue, Hong Kong, public art, Avenue of Stars Flying Frenchman sculpture, Hong Kong, public art

Queen Victoria statue              Bruce Lee Statue           The Flying Frenchman

Coiling Dragon statue, Hong Kong, public art Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture, Hong Kong , public art McDull statue, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong, public art

    Coiling Dragon statue      Forever Blooming Bauhinia  McDull Statue

 Gate sculpture, Hong Kong, public art , Chu Hon-sun Reach for the Sky sculpture, Ko Wah Man Norman, public art, Hong Hong Themis Goddess of Justice statue, Hong Kong, Statue Square, public art

  Gate sculpture                 Reach For The Sky sculpture     Themis Goddess of Justice

Casadai Fountain, Homg Kong, Statue Square, public art Convention sculpture, public art, Aries Lee, Hong Kong

              Casadai Fountain                           Convention sculpture

United Buddy Bears sculptures, Hong Kong, public art Floral Horse sculpture, public art, Hong Kong

     United Buddy Bears sculptures                      Floral Horse sculpture

 Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch sculpture, Hong Kong, public art Hong Kong Film Awards statue, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong , public art Kowloon Dock War Memorial , public art, Homg Kong

Beijing Olympic Torch               Hong Kong Film Awards              Kowloon Docks War Memorial

Film production sculptures, Hong Kong, Avenue of Stars sculpture, Art Museum , Hong Kong, public art

               Film Crew sculpture

 Fountain, Hong Kong, public art

                   HSBC Lions

The General sculpture, Hong Kong, public art Fountain, Statue Square, Hong Kong, public art

             The General sculpture                       Statue Square Fountain

 Waterdrop sculpture, Danny Lee, Hong Kong, public art Happy Folks sculpture, Rosanna Li, Hong Kong, public art

            Waterdrop sculpture                                Happy Folks sculpture





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