Public Art in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. It also happens to be the oldest and most densely populated of the boroughs. It is located on the island of Manhattan at the mouth of the Hudson River. Manhattan is home to many famous landmarks including Time Square, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Broadway, Empire State Building and Central Park. On September 11th, 2001, lower Manhattan came under a terrorist attack when two hijacked airplanes flew into Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

Public Art In Manhattan

George Washington statue,New York, public art Abraham Lincoln statue, Union Square Park, New York, public art George Cohan statue, Braodway, public art

   George Washington statue           Abraham Lincoln statue           George M Cohan statue

Father Duffy statue, public art, Broadway Gran Elefandret sculpture, public art, New York, Manhattan Tornado sculpture, New York City, public art

        Father Duffy statue              Gran Elefandret sculpture          Tornado Sculpture

Reflecting Absence Fountains, Ground Zero,New York City, public art FDNY Memorial Wall, New York, public art

         Reflecting Absence Fountains                                        FDNY Memorial Wall

George Washington statue, Federal Hall, public art The Immigrants sculpture, New York City, public art Jose Bonifacio de Andrada statue, New York, Public Art

George Washington statue         The immigrants sculpture     Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva

East Coast Memorial, Battery Park, public art New York Needle, obelisk, New York, public art Double Check statue, public art, New York City

       East Coast Memorial                         New York Needle                     Double Check statue

Alice in Wonderland sculpture, Central Park, public art Trump Steel Globe, Public Art, New York City

           Alice in Wonderland sculpture                   Trump International Hotel & Tower Globe

America Merchant Mariners Memorial, public art, New York City The Sphere, Battery Park, public art, New York City Statue of Liberty, public art, Federic Auguste Bartholdi, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel

American Merchant Mariners            The Sphere sculpture                Statue of Liberty

Colombus Monument, New York City, public art The Falconer sculpture, George Blackall Simonds, public art, Central Park, New york Maine Monument, New York, Attilio Piccirilli, public art

Christoper Colombus Monument    The Falconer sculpture                   Maine Monument

Charging Bull sculpture, Wall Street Bull, public art William Church Osborn Gates, Paul Manship, New York City, Public Art Alexander Hamilton statue, Carl Conrads, Central park, public art, New York

  Charging Bull                   William Church Osborn gates          Alexander Hamilton

Benjamin Franklin statue, New York, Dedication, public art Washington Square Arch, New York City, public art

        Benjamin Franklin statue              Washington Arch

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