Public Art in Northbridge

Northbridge is an inner city suburb of Perth which was originally home to a series of freshwater swamps. Thanks to convict labour in the 1860's the area was drained , filled in and buildings erected in their place. The gold boom, a few decades later, saw the area expand. In moved the elite and up went the private schools. The Chinese ran many of the market gardens in the area. Following World War I the "well to do" moved out and the Europeans moved in. The majority being Greek, Macedonians and Italians. The European migration brought with it a culture that remains today, the outdoor cafes and the al-fresco lifestyle.

Public Art In Northbridge

Der Rufer (The Caller), Northbridge, public art Between 1979-1980 sculpture, Northbridge, public art My Mind sculpture, Northbridge, public art

Der Rufer (The Caller)          Between 1979-1980              My Mind sculpture

Arch sculpture, Northbridge, public art Untitled sculpture in Wetlands, Northbridge, public art

                  Arch sculpture                      Untitled sculpture in the Wetlands

 Unfolding Lives sculpture, Northbridge, public art

                                                                    Unfolding Lives

Nexus sculpture, Northbridge, Simon Gauntlett, public art Urban Storylines Transformed, public art

                       Nexus                               Urban Storylines Transformed

 Gate 2: Coalesce sculpture, Northbridge, public art, Akio Makigawa 

        Gate 2: Coalesce             Baba Yaga Houses

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