Public Art in Perth

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and was officially founded on the 12th of August, 1829, by Lieutenant Governor James Stirling on King George IV's 67th birthday. One of the many unique features of Perth is that it is the most isolated Capital City in the World, another is its extraordinary ability to place its public art in the most unusual locations .

Public Art in Perth CBD

  Unidentified Photographer statue, Perth, St Georges Terrace, Western Australia  Alexander Forrest Statue, St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia  Kangaroos in the city sculptures, St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia

Unidentified Photographer  Alexander Forrest Statue  Kangaroos in the City

    Footsteps in Time Sculptures, Perth, Western Australia

                      Unknown                      Footsteps in Time Sculptures

Harmony of Minerals obelisk, Stirling Gardens, Perth, Western Australia  Gumnut babies statues, Stirling Gardens, Perth, Western Australia  JJ Talbott Statue, Perth, Western Australia

Harmony of Minerals Obelisk  Gumnut Babies Sculpture  JJ Talbot Hobbs Memorial

   Public ARt in Perth, Eliza statue, Western Australia 

  Co-Existence Sculptures                  Eliza Statue                    Migrants Memorial

   Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Stirling Gardens, Perth, Western Australia

        Memory Marker sculpture                 Holocaust Memorial

 Public Art in Perth, Yagan Statue, Perth, Western Australia  War Memorial, Supreme Court Gardens, Perth, Western Australia  Captain James Stirling Statue, Perth, Western Australia

  Yagan Statue            Good Templars Memorial  Captain James Stirling Statue

  Percy Button Statue, Hay Street Mall, Perth, Western Australia Ascalon sculpture, St George's Catherdral, public art Judith statue, Perth, public art

  Percy Button Sculpture               Ascalon sculpture                     Judith Statue

 Bishop Hale statue, Perth, public art Situate sculpture, Perth, public art Meteorite sculpture, Perth, public art

  Bishop Hale Statue       Situate sculpture    Meteorite (Fire, Water, Earth)

Sir Charles Court statue, Perth, public art Conic Fugue (Enigma), Pertth, public art Going Home sculpture, Perth, Anne Neil, public art

Sir Charles Court statue       Conic Fugue (Enigma)         Going Home sculpture

Totem sculpture, Perth, Western Australia , public art

       Totem sculpture

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