Public Art in Rome

In ancient times the Romans were keen supporters of public art, in fact they loved nothing more than erecting a statue in honour of an Emperor. The Romans treated public art with the same enthusiasm that they treated war. In fact public art became a way of gloating, "to the victor came the spoils" so to speak. Bigger, better, grander. Artists, like warriors, were worshipped. From Triumphal Arches to marble statues, Emperors and later Popes wanted their achievements recognised and displayed for all the world to see and they wanted the best sculptors to create them.

Public Art of the Eternal City

Castor and Pollux Statue, Rome, Italy  Victor Emmanuele Statue, Rome, Italy  Fountain of the Moor, Fontana del Moro, Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy

      Castor and Pollux  Vittorio Emanuelle II Statue  Fountain of the Moor

  Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy  Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

    Fountain of the Four Rivers              Trevi Fountain

Saint Catherine, Rome, Italy Il Pensiero Statue, Rome, Italy Harpy Sculpture, Rome, Italy

 Saint Catherine Statue     Il Pensiero Statue        Harpy sculpture

Fontana di Borgo Vecchio, Italy, fountain, public art Ponte Sant'Angelo statues, Italy, public art Goddess of Rome statue, Angelo Zanelli, public art, Rome

Fontana di Borgo Vecchio   Ponte Sant'Angelo Statues      Goddess of Rome statue   

Quadriga dell'Unità, Rome, public art Fontana dell'Adriatico, Rome, Emilio Quadrelli. public art

                       Quadriga dell'Unita                            Fontana dell'Adiatico

Statue of Tiber, Rome, Italy,  

      Statue of Tiber


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