Public Art in Western Australia

A list of statues, sculptures and monuments in the towns and cities of Western Australia.

Public Art in Perth CBD

Public Art in Perth, Western AustraliaPerth Public Art - Sometimes hidden, sometimes right under your nose, the statues and sculptures of Perth add a certain drama to the cityscape. If you would like to know more about the sculptures and statues just click Public Art in Perth collection. Featured public art includes, Alexander Forrest Statue, Ascalon sculpture, Bishop Hale Statue, Eliza Statue, Captain James Stirling Statue, Co-existence Sculptures, Conic Fugue (Enigma) , Footsteps in Time Sculptures, Gumnut Babies Sculpture, Going Home sculpture, Kangaroos in the City sculptures, Harmony of Minerals Obelisk, JJ Talbot Hobbs Memorial, Jewish Holocaust Memorial, John Septimus Roe Statue, Judith Statue, International Order of Good, Memory Makers sculpture, Meteorite (Fire, Water, Earth) , Migrants Memorial ,  Percy Button Sculpture , Sir Charles Court statue, Situate sculpture, Totem sculpture. Unidentified Photographer sculpture, Yagan statue,

Kings Park Public Art - Click here to view Public Art in Kings Park. Featured public art include : 2/16 Battalion memorial, 16 Battalion plaque , Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Memorial, Arnold Cook Memorial , Bali Memorial, Botanic Garden Foundation Stone, , Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial, Firefighters Memorial, George Leake Fountain, HMS Queen Elizabeth Shells, Kennedy Fountain, Kings Park Cenotaph, Kokoda Memorial Plaque, Lord Forrest Memorial, Pioneer Women's Memorial Fountain, Queen Victoria Memorial, Roe Memorial, Rotary Wishing Well, South African Memorial, Yorkas Nynning Memorial,

Public Art In Perth Suburbs


Public Art in Applecross - Featuring; Fragment sculpture,


Public Art in Bentley - Featuring ; WAIT sculpture,


Public Art In Burswood - Featuring ; Hop Scotch sculpture, Paddy Hannan statue, Keeping the Flame Alight sculpture, Willem de Vlamingh statue, The Story Teller sculpture,


Public Art Claremont - Featuring; Black Cockatoos sculpture,


Public Art in Cottesloe- Featuring; Centrefold sculpture, Cottesloe Sundial, French memorial, Inspector J Smith memorial, Roundabout sculpture, Vlamingh Memorial, Vlamingh Expedition plaque, Vlamingh Landing plaque, Vlamingh's Landing memorial,


Public Art Dianella - Featuring; Swan Dial 71,


Public Art in East Perth - Featuring ; Concrete Poem sculpture, Diver and Guard Dog sculpture, Greg Almighty Iron Ore, Illa Kuri, Impossible Triangle sculpture, Marker seats, Nicolas Baudin bust, Peter Pan statue, Red Surveyor sculpture, Regeneration mural, Sculptured Seats, Sea Queen sculpture, Shoreline Marker posts, Standing Figure, Steel Magnolias sculpture, Totem Granites, Trafalgar Road Culvert,


Public Art In Fremantle - Featuring : At the Bottom of the Harbour, Bon Scott statue, C.Y.O'Connor statue, Fishermen's Monument, Free Ride sculpture, Horse and Rider Monument, Hughie Edwards statue, John Curtin statue, Leda and the Swan sculpture, Maitland Brown Memorial, Mark of the Century statue, Pietro Porcelli statue, Quokka Goes For An Eagle, Safe For Sun And Sea, Southern Crossing statue, Tom Edwards Memorial fountain, Vasco de Gama Memorial, Venus and Friends sculpture, Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle,


Public Art in Highgate - Featuring: Pieces of Leisure sculpture,


Public Art in Hillarys - Featuring ; Rotary Dolphin Community Wishing Well, Wind Rose sculpture,


Public Art in Inglewood - Featuring : Here Birdy Birdy sculpture,


Public At in Leederville - Featuring ; Beseech sculpture,


Public art in Midland Inspired by the unique features of the old Railway Workshops in Midland, Western Australia, public art has played a very important role in the redevelopment of Midland. The Midland Redevelopment Authority has supported a public art program which has seen some interesting sculptures and artwork popping up in all the unexpected places. -Featuring; Memorial to Fallen Soldiers, Gabby the Traveller sculpture, Harry, Marko and Tom sculptures, Workers Wall, Three Friends sculpture, Kate and Sam sculpture, Shovels sculpture, Animals sculpture, The Arbour sculpture, A Junction in Time sculpture, Tree Forms sculpture, Trickle, Flow and Fall sculpture, Smoko sculpture and Two Friends sculptures.


Public Art in Mundaring ; Goodbye Cruel World I'm Off to Join The Circus But I Missed The Last Train sculpture, Mainstream Sculpture, Moon-Dae Ring sculpture, Tourists in Mundaring sculpture,


Public Art in Mt Lawley- Featuring: Tandem Bike Riders sculpture,


Public Art in Northbridge - Featuring : Arch sculpture, Between 1979-1980, Der Rufer statue (The Caller), Gate 2:Coalaesce, My Mind sculpture, Nexus, Unfolding lives sculpture, Untitled sculpture in Wetlands, Urban Storylines Transformed Into a Future Agenda,


Public Art In North Beach - Featuring ; Centaur Memorial,


Public Art in North Perth - Featuring : AIDS Memorial, History Walls sculpture,


Public Art in Sorrento - Featuring; Odyssey sculpture,


Public Art In Subiaco - Featuring ; Neap Tide sculpture,


Public Art in Swanbourne - Featuring ; Feathers sculpture, John Allen Memorial,


Public Art in Victoria Park - Featuring ; After The Rain sculpture, Penny and Pounder sculpture, The Real Seat sculpture,

Public Art in Western Australian Country Towns and Cities: For public art in cities and towns of Western Australia you will find plenty to view on Public Art of Western Australia.

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