Queen Victoria Gardens Melbourne

The Queen Victoria Gardens is a triangular parkland just a short walk from Melbourne's CBD. The 12 acres (4.8 hectares) garden is dedicated to none other than Queen Victoria.

The statues and monuments of Queen Victoria Gardens.

Queen Victoria Gardens Melbourne, King Edward VII Statue Queen Victoria Statue Water Children

King Edward VII statue     Queen Victoria Memorial     Water Children sculpture

King George V memorial, Melbourne, public art Apollo Belvedere bust, public art, Melbourne Farnex Hecules bust, Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, public art

 King George V Memorial    Apollo Belvedere Bust       Farnex Hercules Bust

Pathfinder sculpture, Melbourne, public art Water Nymph statue, Melbourne, public art The Phoenix statue, Melbourne, public art

    Pathfinder statue         Water Nymph statue        The Phoenix statue

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