Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain

Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain, Launceston, public art

Public Art: Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain

Foundry: Walter Macfarlane & Co (1850-1965) also known as the Saracen Foundry. This was the most important manufacturers of ornament ironwork in Scotland.

Description: The iron octagonal memorial fountain (also called the Queen Victoria Jubilee Drinking Fountain) features fretwork domes surmounted by an eagle. A relief of Queen Vic toria adorns the structure above one of the arches. The central drinking fountain is decorated with reliefs of swans and storks and is supported by 4 lion-headed chimera columns. The interior of the canopy was decorated with lion masks, flowers and owls but they have long been damaged, removed or stolen.

Date Erected:  The Queen Victoria Memorial fountain was erected on the 20th June, 1897, on her majesty's Diamond Jubilee .

Location: The Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain is located in Launceston's City Park, Tasmania, Australia.

List of Known Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Drinking Fountains :

Gourock (Scotland) and Warrington (England)

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Memorial Fountain, Launceston, Public Art

Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain, Tasmania, public art

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