RAAF Memorial Brisbane

RAAF Memorial Brisbane, Queens Garden, Queensland

Public Art : RAAF Memorial

Sculptor : © Rhyl Hinwood

Date : 2nd of May, 1996

Description : As if just landed, a bronze wedge tailed eagle (with a wingspan of 8.2ft or 2.5m) stands high above a granite column, looking down over the park (as if protecting the memorial). The artist has really thought about the location and surrounds, to create a powerful and awe inspiring memorial. It is clever on so many levels, from the choice of subject matter, to the choice of when, where and how to capture the "bird of prey" in flight. You could spend hours pondering the symbolism (and I did!).

Location : Corner of George and Elizabeth Streets, Queens Garden, Brisbane, Australia.

Inscription :

Per Ardua Ad Astra

This memorial honours all men and women
who served in the Royal Australian Airforce
Especially those who in doing so
gave their lives or suffered lasting hurt.


The Brisbane RAAF Memorial Committee
Chairman Lionel N. Rackley D.F.C., O.A.M., A.E.
Raised and gave this Memorial
to the
Queensland State Government
as custodian for
the people of Queensland
Unveiled this second day of May 1996
in the 75th anniversary year of the RAAF
by the Chief of the Air Staff
Air Marshall L.B. Fisher A.O., RAAF

Sculptor- Rhyl Hinwood
Project Manager- Ron Hinwood

History of the RAAF Memorial : The memorial was commissioned in 1996 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the RAAF (Royal Australia Air Force ).

Intersting Facts : Per Ardua Ad Astra loosely translated from Latin means "Through Adversity to the Stars". The Royal Flying Corps and other Air Forces within the Commonwealth began using the motto in 1912. There has been some debate about the exact translation of "Ardua", with some claiming it means struggles instead of adversity. Bottom line is the word has been deemed untranslatable and is safe to use either interpretation.

RAAF Memorial Brisbane, Queens Garden, Queensland  RAAF Memorial Brisbane, Queens Garden, Queensland

RAAF Memorial Brisbane, Queens Garden, Queensland

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