Richard Johnson Obelisk

First Church Sydney memorial, Sydney, public art

Public Art : Richard Johnson Obelisk

Also Known As : First Church in Australia Monument and the Richard Johnson Memorial

Architects: © Burcham Clamp and Finch Architects

Description: This gothic influenced four sided tower was erected in honour of Richard Johnson (c. 1756 – 13th March, 1827) who was appointed the Chaplain for the first British colony to settle in New South Wales. Johnson and his wife set sail in 1787 with the First Fleet.

Date Unveiled: The memorial to Richard Johnson was unveiled in May, 1925.

Location: The memorial is located in Richard Johnson Place, Sydney, Australia.

So Who Was Richard Johnson? : For four years as the colony struggled, Johnson continued to beg Governor Phillip for two churches to be built in both Sydney and Parramatta. His pleas fell on deaf ears.

Richard Johnson Trivia:

The monument also marks the site of the first church erected in Australia in 1793 which burned down in 1798.

Johnson and his wife Mary named their baby daughter Milbah, an Aboriginal name.

Johnson preached the very first sermon on Australian soil on Sunday, 3rd of February 1788.

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