Rotorua Great War Memorial

Rotorua Great War Memorial, Rotorua, Public Art

Public Art : Rotorua Great War Memorial

Sculptor/Architect : Unknown

Description : A simple grey stone cenotaph  which includes an ornamental wreath. The names of 79 soldiers who lost their lives during World War I are listed on the memorial.

Location : The Great War memorial is located in Government Gardens, Rotorua, New Zealand, near the croquet pavilion.

Date Unveiled : The Rotorua Great War Memorial was unveiled on either the 01/01/1920 or 25/04/1924.

Inscription :

To the Glory of God
and the Honour
Brave Men
this Monument
is erected by
Grateful People

Ackroyd A PTE
Algie C.S Cpt
Anaru A.P. PTE
Barron P RFM
Bealing F.W. PTE
Boucher W  PTE
Boyd W Pte
Bradford H Gnr
Brownlies S.C Sgt
Burr C.W. PTE

Carnachan A. Sgt
Clark A Pte
Cobeldick E.W. PTE
Cobeldick F.T. PTE
Collis D.L. PTE
Dickey W PTE
Douds J PTE
Duff R.M. Sgt
Fay P. Gnr
Field A PTE

Franks S.C. PTE
Geary W. PTE
Goodson C. DVR
Gordon K. SCT
Haira K. PTE
Hall A. PTE
Hardcastle H.G. PTE
Harp J.A. L/Cpl
Happy D. PTE
Herewini H PTE

Heywood M PTE
Holland G. Mjr M.C.
Houia P.W. L/CPL
Huriwhaka G. PTE
Kaipara P.A. Lieut
Kakiri T. PTE
Kanapu H. PTE
Kibblewhite L. CPL
Kravis H. PTE
Lake A. PTE

Marino J GNR
McColl A. PTE
Melville J.A. Lieut
Menzies D. RFM
Moko J. PTE
Morton A.R. PTE
Munro A.R. PTE
Mustard J. CPL
Ngamu H. PTE
Nicholls W.T. CPL. M.M

Olver D. PTE
Patrell L. PTE
Paul H. PTE
Pirimi E. L/CPL
Poata T. ST/SGT
Prince W. PTE
Purcell R. PTE
Raponi T.H. CPL
Rewa R.G. PTE
Ririnui H. PTE

Robinson S. SGT/MJ. D.C.M
Rukingi W. SGT
Skellern S.E. PTE
Swallow E. PTE
Tamati P. L/CPL
Tapsell R. PTE
Te Muera W. PTE
Te Otini P. PTE
Te Tuhi N. PTE
Thomas P. PTE

Tilsley W. PTE
Tucker T.H. PTE
Wakefields S.H. PTE
Whareraupo T. L/CPL
Wickliffe M. PTE
Wilkinson A.E. CPT
MacKenzie J.S. PTE
Boucher A.F. PTE
Taiwhanga H. PTE
Tamihana H. PTE
Nikorima F. PTE

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